Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Personal Brand & Journalism

By Bill Bowman

The newspapers and large media outlets are no longer the sole beacon of information and content in the world. Individuals are broadcasting their own news and opinions on their own terms. They are doing this for self-promotion and control. This trend has some interesting consequences for the producers and consumers of news in addition to the companies that make their living off of news.

The first and most widely known example of this trend was Drudge Report. One man, Matt Drudge scooped and aggregated news from all over the world, or at least all over the internet. The Huffington Post was the next iteration of personal journalism, except with more collaboration. It has since grown in traffic to exceed Drudge.

On a smaller level, having your own brand can lead to better job opportunities and control of your future. In the current environment, those without an online presence are lost in the sea.

Looking to concrete examples of using the personal brand to find jobs, there are a myriad of case studies out there. An interesting one that I learned about in another class was a person who deftly used internet advertising and a website to get a job. Alec Browstein did just that. He used Google AdWords and a respectable personal brand to land a prestigious advertising job.

Twitter in conjunction with blogs have made this particularly effective and relativity easy. Using just the speakers in this class and the faculty is a great example. Professor Alves has over 5,000 followers. This built-in audience is a soap box that can be stood on to promote activities or spread news. Accordingly, the power and leverage of the massive is diminished.

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